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MASS Wholesalers is committed to helping others serve better as a part of our Military supported community. MASS Wholesalers makes gift giving easy to our beloved soldiers in the Military all year round.  As a proud supporter we take pride in understanding the reasonable justifiable pride of and patriotism of a loved one’s protective service on call. We also understand the financial hardships and restraints many Military families may face with little if no notice at all.

We also understand the financial hardships many Military families face with little notice if at all. We are 100% dedicated to supporting our immediate Military families, relatives and friends of those deployed. Mass Wholesalers will ship gifts FREE this Holiday season as all year round overseas free of charge to support the dedication and Patriotism of families, relatives and friends of those deployed. Dogs are also an integral part of many Military units and best home found friends often abandoned in many disasters. In addition to supporting our Military troops worldwide we take great pride in also supporting abandoned Operative Dogs and home pets.

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To learn more about our cause and recent adoption please visit A portion of the proceeds will support the rewarding ASPCA, Animal Rescue Program.

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