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2 in 1 Cooler Warmer Icebox 12V Travel Portable Electric Cooler BoxMASS Wholesalers
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2 in 1 Cooler Warmer Icebox 12V Travel Portable Electric Cooler Box

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This model is suitable for a variety of cars. Unlike ordinary household refrigerators, electronic refrigerators use electronic (semiconductor) refrigeration principles, so there is no pollution, and the power supply can be inserted into the car cigarette lighter to use, convenient and fast, also easy to carry.
1. Plug and play. 
2. Good thermal insulation properties. Even after the plug is unplugged, it can be kept warm for a long time or the cooling temperature is maintained.
3. There are straps for carrying around, and the straps can be removed. The top four recesses can be used to place cups or Coke cans. 
4. The upper cover has magnetic strips for better thermal insulation. 
5. With the upper flap, it is convenient to store the front seat between the armrest box, or in the car seat or in the trunk. 
6. Refrigeration, heating switch conversion.
1. Banquet at the lake. Picnic camping 2. For taxi drivers 3. Refrigerated medicine 4. Refrigerated fresh milk 5. Car travel 6. Yacht out or fishing 7. Use on the station wagon 8. Refrigerated cosmetics
【Instructions for use】
1. The car must be started when the vehicle is in use; 
2. Insert the plug into the cigarette lighter socket or the 12V power supply jack first; the dual-use type of the car is inserted into the 220v. 
3. Plug the other end of the wire into the 12VDC jack or into the 220v jack of the dual-use model (the jack is under the front panel); 4. Then turn the switch to the heating or cooling position and check the corresponding LED indicator (heating: red light; cooling: green light); 
5. 15 minutes or 30 minutes to cool or heat (cooling or heating time is related to ambient temperature); 
6. put food or drink before It is best to preheat or refrigerate, which can achieve better results;
It takes 2-3 hours to freeze unfrozen foods and beverages. The car small refrigerator is not designed to freeze food, but to keep warm! If used as directed, the food can be kept for a few hours.
Before switching from heating to heating or heating to cooling, at least turn off the power for 30 minutes before proceeding!
【safety warning】
1. The power must be unplugged before cleaning. 2. Do not place the heating and cooling box or power cord in a liquid. Use neutral soap and wet rag to scrub; 3. Do not use it to make ice; 4. Do not block the vents, otherwise the refrigerator will heat up and accelerate, causing fire; 5. When the engine is off, do not work for a long time. This will drain the battery.

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