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Full Body Vibrating Mat - 10 Motor Vibration Mattress Pad with Warmth for Back Pain Relief

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Brand: Belmint

Color: Black


  • ** Note: This is not a shiatsu deep kneading massager. It's a vibration massage mat only - The Belmint 10 motor vibrating mat provides soothing vibration to relieve aches, tension, stress and eliminate fatigue.
  • Flexible & Foldable: This full body massager folds easily for transport and storage. Flexible so you can use it everywhere, chair, bed, couch while watching tv, recliner, or on the floor.
  • Soothing Warmth: You can use both mild-heat and vibration function to increase and improve blood circulation. Features overheat protection to ensure safe use.
  • Control Intensity Levels: This mattress pad has 5 pre-programmed modes, 4 independently controllable zones, and 3 intensity levels. Just your preference using easy to operate handheld controller. The side pouch holds the controller to prevent unwanted changes.
  • Sot Material: Belmint relief mat has a comfortable foam and smooth polyester finish with a luxurious hand feeling surface for more comfort. It makes an excellent gift for Mother's Day, friends, and loved ones!

Binding: Health and Beauty

model number: BEL-MAT-BK

Part Number: BEL-MAT-BK

Details: A good massage - sitting up, laying down or laying back.

Think you need to book an appointment or wait in line at the salon for an invigorating
massage experience? We beg to differ. With this invitingly soft plush massage mat from
Belmint, you can hit every spot as well as a pro does - without spending a fortune in
salon fees. From your neck to your shoulders, from your back to your lumbar area, from
your glutes to your thighs and more, enjoy a personal massage at the touch of a button.
Best of all, this mat's 10 motors never tire, so you can literally rest in pleasure all day long.


✔ 10 Invigorating Massage Motors Deliver Full-Body Relief from Tight & Sore Muscles
✔ 5 Preprogrammed Modes; 4 Independently Controllable Zones; 3 Intensity Levels
✔ Flexible Plush Mat & Intuitive Handheld Controller - Perfect for Sitting/Lying Down
✔ Switchable Warmth Function Soothes Lumbar Area; Warmths to 90°F in just 7.7 Minutes
✔ Side Pouch Accommodates Handheld Controller; Minimizes Unwanted Changes

Specs & Details

Measures: 5.5 feet long 1.9 feet wide
Weighs: 5 pounds
Vibration: 3 selectable vibration-intensity levels
Warmth: upto 90°F in just 7.7 Minutes

How to Enjoy

1 Store at home use with nearly any chair or couch
2 Remove any ties, and neck jewelry before use
3 Warmth function is switchable right from the corded handheld controller
4 3 selectable vibration-intensity levels let you dial in the joy
5 Relax and enjoy relief from pain and stress!
6 Easy to clean while remaining comfortable to use
7 Fold easily for transport and storage

What's in the Box?

✔10-Motor Massage Mat
✔ AC power adapter
✔ User Manual

Risk free | Backed by a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Your body deserve the relief, and you deserve the comfort. Get yours today and start feeling better immediately.

EAN: 0784672819244

Package Dimensions: 22.6 x 17.2 x 6.8 inches