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Muscle Roller Massager Works as Stimulator For Deep Tissue Leg Pain

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  • The VaGu Massage Roller will treat your deep muscle in any part of your body from your leg, arm, lower back or upper you name it is convenience.
  • Design to relieve pain and soreness muscle after hard work out or pre-work out. Preferred by personal trainer and use this as a replacement for foam roller on clients that don’t have the strength or mobility for that. It can be easily used while sitting in a comfortable chair and helps tremendously to relieve sore muscles.
  • Hard plastic roller that easy rolls on to your body by applying pressure on your muscle.
  • Easy to carry or pack in your luggage when traveling on vacation.
  • Nice hard plastic durable and will last long time. Multiple colors available. Length 17 inches. 1% of revenue will go to charity at end of year.