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Electric Eye Massager Magnetic Vibration Pain Relieve Eye Fatigue Machine

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Eye massager improves blood circulation and relives eye strain. Provides up to 4 modes of vibration to massage the area around your eyes. Battery powered for maximum portability so you can relax while on the go.

  • The eye massager device allows to take care of your eye health anywhere you maybe.
  • Designed to work on acupuncture points massage vibration massage modes, and magnetic therapy to promote the blood circulation of the eye skin, enhance the elasticity, relieve eyes fatigue, dilute dark circles, remove eye patch, wrinkles and other eye problems.
  • It automatically runs through multiple modes for approximately 5 minutes, or you can choose the massage mode that you think is more comfortable .
  • It uses 24 finger shaped massage contacts, made of high-purity silicone, and neodymium medical magnets to effectively help relieve eye tension, wrinkles and restore health eye power.