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1 Pair Professional 3D Single Magnetic Eyelashes 4PCS

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Amplify the length of your eyelashes. Tout your lashes with with full confidence also develop a brand new style and design in just a few seconds without having streaming mascara or the troubles of messy adhesives with these brand-new high-tech, reusable, water proof fake magnetic eyelashes. Each set of artificial eyelashes are augmented by minute micro magnets that clamp with one another to accentunatuate your actual lashes naturally. To furnish you with the preferred look and feel there exists different styles to choose between. These particular brilliant false eyelashes can be worn with contact lenses, non disposable and can likewise be worn swimming if desired.

Magnetic fake eyelashes are also great for people who are afflicted by health issues that may cause the eyelashes to thin or result to lashes to fall out quicker as an example overactive and underactive thyroid glands in addition to Alopecia Areata as well as other immune system health problems which can lead shedding when the immune body cells attack the follicles of hair.

Select from 5 different popular styles. Great for special occasions. False Magnetic Eyelash Set: Handmade: Size: 4pcs/set.

• Instant fuller eyelashes in seconds
• Easy to apply and remove
• Reusable
• Waterproof

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